4 Tips for Packing and Organizing

Published on 3/1/2021

4 Tips for Packing and Organizing Your Storage Unit

Storing your valuables in a self storage unit is fun.  Doing it well and thinking it out ahead of time will help you keep your items in good condition and help you find them when you need them.

Organizing each box and/or organizing where you put the boxes inside the storage unit will help you find items quickly when you want to get specific items out of them later.

First, get a 3 ring binder or notebook with pages in it.  Then number each box and put that number on one page in your 3 ring binder or notebook.  Then list all the items inside that box on that page or pages.  Number each page in your notebook with the number you put on the box.  Make sure you put the box number in big print with a big fat felt pen both on the top and on a couple sides of the box so you can see it easily when you open the door of your storage unit.

Second, if you know the purchase price or replacement value of the item, write that down too in your notebook alongside the description of the items. 

Third, if anything inside the box is breakable – write with a big red felt pen “fragile” on several sides and top of the box.

Fourth, use the same size box, or only two sizes of boxes, so the boxes are stackable.  Also be sure you don’t pack them too heavy.  You want to be able to move them without hurting yourself!  Books especially need to be packed in small boxes.  Get heavy duty boxes that are strong enough that the bottom box can hold up to the weight of the other boxes stacked on top of them.