3 tips for packing boxes

Published on 3/22/2021

3 tips for packing boxes

First, fill up the entire box but not all with heavy materials. It is helpful if you fill up a box completely because it will help to keep it from collapsing or tipping over. However, you shouldn’t fill it all up with heavy items because that will make it too heavy to carry.  So, fill the box with the heavy items first on the bottom.  Then fill it to capacity with lighter items. (be sure to number the box and make a list of the contents to put in your 3-ring binder of “boxes”)

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Second, you might think that putting items in a sealed plastic bag might be a good idea but it can actually invite mildew. 

Third, when you pack books, use a small box.  There are boxes specifically called “book” boxes.  Books are heavy, so you want to keep the weight of the box manageable.  Lay the books flat in the boxes instead of standing them on end.  If you stand them on end their spines will get warped, twisted or otherwise damaged.